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Survey & GIS Summit

Virtual Summit – November 3rd-5th, 2021

The Survey & GIS Summit is back! Please join us as leaders from the national land surveying and GIS professional societies (NSPS and URISA) explore the similarities and differences between the two professions. Industry experts will share real-world examples of new opportunities and how the two professions often converge as a result. Keynote speakers will present some compelling insight into this convergence with the focus on fostering healthy dialogue and providing a collaborative space to advance towards building a better world – together.


Stay current with geospatial technology, expand service offerings and grow your business. Attend and learn where geospatial technologies can take you.


Geospatial tools and technology are rapidly advancing. Learn what is on the horizon and how you can leverage new capabilities in your organization.


Advance your capabilities and learn from seasoned professionals how traditional and new measurement technologies fit into the GIS ecosystem.

About the Summit

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The Survey and GIS Summit brings together leaders in both surveying and GIS in order to cooperatively advance opportunities for both professions by delivering relevant information by industry leaders.



Nancy von Meyer


Jan Van Sickle