The Summit

Summit 2021

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2021 Summit. Here you will find details and video highlights. We hope to see you at the next one!

Summit Highlights

Jan Van Sickle, PhD, PLS, Lecturer – University of Colorado at Denver, Principal Engineer – HERE Technologies, Boulder, CO

Brian Shaw, Rocky Mountain Regional Advisor Boulder, CO
Michael L. Dennis, PhD, PE, RLS, Geodesist Sedona, AZ

Tim Burch, PLS, NSPS President-Elect
Linda M. Foster, PLS GISP, Ferber Engineering
Brent Jones, PE, PLS, Esri
Tripp Corbin, MCP, GISP, Davey Resource Group

Preston Dowell, PLS, Deputy County Surveyor, St Louis County, MN
Lucas Beauchamp, PLS

Richard Kleinmann, PLS
Linda Foster, PLS, GISP, MGIS

Join us for an informal meet-and-greet to connect with peers, pros, companies, and organizations. Expand your network, get connected, and maybe have a little fun!

Nancy von Meyer, PLS, GISP, PE, PhD, Fairview Industries, Pendleton, SC

Dominica Van Koten, PLS, Chief Cadastral Surveyor, Bureau of Land Management
Tim Varner, IT Specialist, Bureau of Land Management, Wasilla, AK
Chris McDonald, Public Land Survey System (PLSS) Dataset Program Manager at Bureau of Land Management, Salt Lake City, UT
Nathan Price, PLS, Chief Land Surveyor, USDA Forest Service
Nancy Blyer, USACE, Geospatial Community of Practice Lead

Dr. Anita Soni-Skanska, Deputy Head of BIM

 Brent Jones, PE, PLS, President, URISA
 Tim Burch, PLS, NSPS President-Elect