We’re in This Together

We are in this together. Let’s not waste any time debating who is in the catbird seat. Both surveyors and GIS professionals have plenty of mountains to climb.  We’ll get to the top a helluva lot faster if we stop arguing about who’s leading. Our software, our tools, even the scope of our work is expanding so fast all of us need to focus on learning as much possible, as quickly as possible. The sophistication of this stuff is mind-boggling. Dynamic reference frames and epochs, DevOps, SLAM, UAS data, Mobile Mapping, NATRF just to mention a few. We can contribute to all of them, but we first need to know more about them than we do, a lot more. As the Red Queen said in Alice in Wonderland, “. . . it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.” So, let’s help each other do that because we are in this together.